Where Can I Advertise Escort Services Now Backpage Is Gone?

Where Can I Advertise My Escort Services NOW Backpage is Gone?

Every escort needs to advertise somewhere, how else will clients find you, right? Adult Ads Is Australia's has grown over the years to become most trusted escort advertising sites with thousands of escort ads. If you are looking to advertise your escort services, then Adult Ads Australia is one of the best free escort advertising sites around that takes up where Backpage left off.

For many years, escorts, private escorts, international escorts, touring escorts and escort agencies were fortunate to have online adult sites, adult classifieds and escort advertising sites to place ads where they can pitch themself to the wider adult community, usually referred to as "punters".

A major player in the online adult advertising classifieds business was Backpage & Cracker. Both of these sites were huge on the international arena, and many adult service providers relied on their global reach and popularity to find clients by placing ads on these sites.

Backpage and Cracker we hugely popular for the broad spectrum of advertisers. Punters could visit the website and find a great mix of ads. There were many ads from Asian girls, private Asian escorts and most of these ads were posted by Asian brothels offering their Asian sex workers as escorts.

If you browsed each ad, you would find that so many ladies on individual ads were actually from the same brothel, just using different phone numbers to give the impression that they were private Asian escorts, however they were not. 

When it came to private escorts other than Asians, they were more true to form and you knew that they were genuine private girls. 

Filteri g through these sites like Backpage and Cracker was a bit of a hit and miss, as these adult sites offered little or no screening of their customers ads, so it was a free for all and if little integretity.

The Backpage and Cracker websites were very basic indeed, and they were also know to skim other websites to generate listings on their own platforms in the early days, copying content for private escort websites to build their database of listings. It was definitely not a legal practice, but those who wanted to complain and have their ads removed were basically ignored. As I said, customer support at Backpage and Cracker was terrible, but their website flourished regardless. 

These days, there are a quite a few new players in the adult classified industry all vying for listings the be posted on their sites. Some are great and others not so.

So How Do You Choose Which Ones Are The Best?

Well, there are many factors to take into consideration. Let me try to make these a bit clearer.

Some of the best sites have been around for a very long time and have a good following of punters. Others are new and trying to break into the market. Many are free sites and the owners spend alot of time, money and resources into setting up their sites, tweaking their SEO for better search engine ranking and reaching out to escorts in the hope they will place ads on their new sites.

You know, on a side note, private escorts need to understand how very important adult classified sites or escort sites are for their business. Because without them, they would be finding it extremely hard to find clients at all. These adult sites work hard over many years building up their reputation, offering free listings on their sites for little to no return. They are in business just as escorts are and their business is to bring the punters and sex workers together.

I myself have experienced ungrateful escorts that are very rude. You contact them to advise them of the opportu ity to advertise for free, and all they say is, go away. The majority of private girls are very grateful to have adult sites to advertise on so as to find clients, but as in everything, there are those that are not so grateful. When you thi k about it, they are being offered a free advertising service, yet they are terribly rude in return. 

Anyway, to make a long story short. The poi t I am trying to make is that, websites that offer free escort advertising are a business and they usually offer their platform for independent escorts that either don't have a website of their own, or looking for free alternatives.

Sites like Backpage and Cracker started small and cheated their way to the top. Other sites like Adult Ads Australia do not copy ads or steal content from private escorts websites or Adult Classified Sites. All ads on Adult Ads Australia are real genuine listings from genuine escorts. We have built our database of 1000 ads  legitimate ads. Not only that, we screen all ads to ensure their are legitimate. Not many, if any other sites actually go to the trouble to do so.

What makes an adult classified site great?

The number one thing that makes any adult site great is CONTENT. Good quality content and lots of it. This can take quite a long time to build up over many years and this is why punters visit and escorts advertise on larger sites like Adult Ads Australia that started of with no ads and built up over a long period of time.

So my answer to those escorts reading this is, support all sites and place ads on all of them, regardless of their size and popularity as we all have to start somewhere and build our adult sites with rich keywords and written content from advertisers. Go out and place as many ads as you can on all adult sites because we need advertisers to grow our business whilst we are in the process of promoting your business.

And it doesn't hurt to pay for premium ads as this helps the site owners to pay for their runni g costs of keeping their sites up and available for all involved.


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