How To Successfully Recover From Corona Virus Covid19

Is the bottom line of your adult business affected by Corona Virus Covid19 in the year 2020 - 2021?

How To Bounce Back and Help Your Adult Business Recover From The Corona Virus Covid-19 Worldwide Health Crisis 

If you were one of the many businesses that were unable to keep their business open for business and forced by government issuing restrictions or financially unable to keep your business open, there is light at the end when this is all over.  

Corona Virus has had an unprecedented affect on everyone. Instead of having a negative approach, we suggest that you look at this as a positive and start thinking and making plans for the future after Corona Virus is all done and dusted. People can look at this situation differently, depending on how bad they were affected. Some suffer much more than others and depending of the cards we are dealt with, this could be a very positive time for some to look into this as a way to collect yourself and make a good situation out of a bad one. Try to keep positive as life is always putting hurdles in front of us. 

A lot of business owners are utilising this shut down as a positive approad to planning their business future. Things will get better with time, and you can ensure a smoother transition by being prepared in one key area, "advertising". 

Advertising is a great way of hitting the ground running when we are given the go-ahead to re-open and start trading as normal.  Advertising is crucial to all business and especially important after a crisis like Covid19. To benefit from re-opening after all this, it is a wise idea to start preparing and getting your message across that you are OPEN FOR BISINESS as usual when everything is back to normality. 

After such a long period of social distancing, self isolation and hibernation, when the corona virus is over, businesses will see a boom like no other, as people will be out and about in unprecendented levels celebrating the reality of having their freedom of movement, social get togethers and going back to their favourite brothels, erotic massage parlours, strip clubs, escorts, pubs and clubs 

Demand for these places after a long forced ban will see people filling up these places on another level. After being isolated, human nature will see people going out and splurging on all those needs and desires that they were unable to do during this Coronavirus lockdown. Adult entertainment venues, brothels, massage parlours, clubs, escorts and sex workers better get ready because there will be a huge bounceback after this and their services will be in very high demand.

If you were to get a head start on all your competitors and benefit from this situation, considering banner advertising or any type of advertising is one of the best and most functional ways to get the message out that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS. 

If you are looking for such advertising opportunities, Adult Ads Australia is a great place to start advertising and getting your message across. We also have a few other adult sites that we offer banner advertising, and we make package advertising available at greatly discounted prices.

As one of Australia’s best adult advertising platforms, Adult Ads Australia Adult Classifieds has some of the Top Brothels and erotic massage parlours choosing to advertise adult business banners with us.  You too should really consider the opportunities we have available for you to advertise and get your message out BIG N BOLD that you are OPEN for business bigger and better than ever. 

Take advantage of this pause time to make plans for the future of your business. This is a great time to do things that were not possible before because of trading long hours and in many cases, being open 24/7. Use this time to make repair for things that need fixing, renovate rooms, buy new decorative items, new linen, beds, check plumbing, repair air conditioning, showers etc..., make changes to the way you do business for the better and keep positive that you will be back on top after Corona Virus Covid-19 is a distant memory of a time the world will never forget. 

You will be pleased to know that our banner advertising packages are the most affordable and cost effective in Australia for getting result and brand awareness. Adult Ads Australia is becoming the name on everyones lips as we are a home grown aussie adult classifieds that is here for our Australian adult businesses, sex workers and clients combined. We work hard to make Adult Ads Australia one of the most trusted classified sites in Australia, and most probably the world. Nobody can trust the content on some of those international adult classified sites like Locanto, Craigslist, Gumtree to be real and true genuine listings. In most cases, alot of those ads are fake and what this does is wastes visitors time searching and deciphering which ones are real and which is fake. Adult Ads Australia is made for Australia and supports Australian Adult Industry.

We don’t have some of the most well known adult businesses like Midas Massage, Mistys Massage, Kings Court Massage, Pryana Rose Gentlemans Club advertising with us for many years without them achieving returns on their advertising investment. 

In fact, there is no reason not to advertise now during this health crisis. This is a pause after all, and you will come out the other end as all of us will. Why not keep the economy flowing by advertising now and keeping your brand on the front line. Just because people are being told to self-islolate, doesn’t mean they can’t browse the internet and discover more about your business by finding tour advertisement. Your Business could be one of the first places some people will visit after this is all over and it’s because they found your banner ad advertising your business and brand whilst they were at hime with plenty of time on their hands browsing adult websites on the net. 

Brand awareness is the key to every business success. Think of all those ads you’ve seen about a company, product or service. If you see a particular brand 2 or 3 times, you will find that you will remember it and at some point in time actually, visit, explore or buy something related to that brand.  

A list of names on the tip of everyone’s lips in the adult industry are; 

Cleopatras Gentleman’s Club 

The Golden Apple 

Pryana Rose 



Gateway Club 



Midas Massage 

Kings Court Massage 

Misty’s Massage 

Men’s Gallery 

The Boardroom 

Pentagon Grand 


These are just a few off the top of my head. The list goes on..and if you are in the adult business looking to be one of those names on  the list, advertising is the way to go and the right path to success in becoming a household name in the adult industry. 

We are not making this up just to find advertisers. It is a known fact in advertising and marketing around the world that those who advertise wherever they can, achieve the best growth in business. Leading advertising agencies are where the big names go to secure advertising and marketing for their brand and adult businesses should apply this principle by advertising in specialised adult sites that are flooded with a huge variety of keywords that are found online on major search engine results when is come time for people searching for adult related content online.  


And remember, advertising is a fully tax deductible item which you can claim 100% of the cost for each and every financial year you advertise.