Are you thinking of booking an escort? Tips and advice

So, you are thinkng about booking an escort and want some tips right?

If your are thinking of booking an escort for the first time, you may feel a little confused.  Here are some helpful tips for making sure an escort will take your inquiry serious and process your booking without any drama.

Booking an escort can be a lot like asking a girl out on a date. You want to present yourself and mannerism in the best possible light. Escorts can be selective about who they see, so if you aren’t polite to them they may decline you. HOWEVER, If you come across as polite and serious, a lady will speak to you more nicely, spend more time answering your questions and will also be more likely to accept your booking request.

Steps to Making a Booking With A Escort

1. Introduce Yourself. Say “Hi, I’m John. I saw your ad on or a friend told me about your ad” etc. I would love to meet up with you. This gives the escort your name and an idea of where you are coming from. Saying something like " I wanna book ya, will you do better price" from the get go, you most likely blew your chance right off the bat.

2. Be kind and polite when you request to set a date, time and location - For example: “Would you be available to see me on Thursday at around 9pm in a hotel or home in a particular city or suburb?” This allows the escort to see that you are serious. Indicate where you would be planning on meeting. Be specific as to your choice of location, whether you are you at a hotel or a private home.

Some escorts offer in call service. Ask if you were wanting an incall and if the escort offers in call service at her home of apartment.

3. Ask about specific services or activities that you’re interested in. Don’t be shy, as escort are very open-minded and have probably heard of many bizarre or unusual  requests. If they say ‘no’ to a particular activity, please don’t be offended and do not pester them as they usually make it very clear as to what they do and won't do.

4. The escort will either accept your invitation based on how she feels about the first conversation with you. From this point, they will move to the next step of arranging the booking and asking for a deposit if they require it.

The rest is easy!!. Be at the destination of the booking address at the designated time and wait for your escort to arrive.

5. Make sure the agreed fee is left in an envelope before the escort arrives and make it available upon arrival, so there is no awkwardness. 

Things to Avoid - Inappropriate language

1. DO NOT send ia text message! Saying “Hey babe u busy?” This is not an appropriate introduction.

2. Obscene language is not okay.

3. Asking an escort questions that are already clearly covered in their ads, such as “how much do you charge?”

4. Asking for unsafe sex - If they do, it is usually clearly stated in their ads.

5. Requesting photos - There are usually plenty of photos on as there are no limits on adding photos.

6. Last-minute or late-night bookings - Most escorts usually require at least 24 hours notice, but if you are polite when contacting the escort and if she is available, you might just get lucky  but in general  it is best to book in advance. 

By sticking to the guidelines above, it will make sure you come across as being a polite and respectable gentleman, thus help you get a booking and also make your experience much more enjoyable.